January 31, 2010

First thing first: Dicipline

I love drawing.

I love doing creative things.

And I love seeing the finished image going out to live its own life.

The thing is that I lack the discipline to create on a daily basis.
I slack. And I procrastinate.
So here I am. Making a commitment to myself.
And no, it's not another New Year resolution.

It's a goal.

A goal to develop my drawing skills during the next year and the years after.

This blog will be some kind of self report of this development. It will be the place for me to share my progress with everybody else. It will become my second art school.

This blog will also be a collection of useful exercises to practice basic art of sketching and doodling. Beside those I will publish my own drawing tutorials which will some kind be conclusions of my studies.

I hope I will keep this goal and make it happen.

Good luck to me and you.

Let the doodling begin!