Drawing flowers

In the year of 2012 I've decided to learn how to draw flowers. Each month I would chose a flower and look for several methods to draw it. When I couldn't find a method - I wrote a tutorial by myself. The project was nice, but as you look at the list, you'll that some of the links are missing. One of the goals I set myself in 2013 is to complete this list.

Months with links will lead you to a concluding post of the month with all the relevant links I've found and used. Those without links will not lead you anywhere but if you go to the mentioned month, 2012, in the Blog's Archive list you will see some posts on the subject. Months have no text are those I missed and completing these days. You are welcome to visit them and try them yourself, they are fun and at times really easy to do.

The flowers were chosen randomly.

January: How to draw a Rose - 6 tutorials.

February: How to draw a Tulip - 5 tutorials.

March: How to draw an Iris -

April: How to draw a Lily -


JuneHow to draw a Calla Lilly - 3 tutorails.

JulyHow to draw a water lily - 4 tutorials.

August: How to draw a Narcissus/Daffodils - 6 (+2) tutorials.

September: How to draw an Orchid -


The plan is to replace all the b&w thumbnails with colored ones. Good luck to me.

Enjoy your drawing,