October 28, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 9, buildings and structures.

Ninth part of my book deals with structures, although, not many of them. And I left it to the near end since I'm still not that good with perspective.

Although, I loved drawing this castle...

October 25, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 8, winter wardrobe.

This section is about winter wardrobe. Simple task

I'm glad the book is over soon,since I'm getting pretty bored with these drawings. Maybe it's time to move on?

October 22, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 7, tools and furniture.

So these are tools and furniture from my step-by-step book.

While drawing a ladder and a shovel I actually stuck my little finger out to support the long line I was making. It was really helpful, and I was pretty surprised about it... I might start using the method in the future too.

And this is my first drawn room in years...

The upsetting thing is that these simple sketches take me forever to complete. I must be braver on making my lines. On the other hand, I completed it all in one take - the drawing, the outlining and the coloring. I also noticed that it gets much much easier to analyze the coloring part. Which is really nice :)

October 19, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 6, kitchenware.

Another part of my lovely "baby step book" is dedicated to kitchenware. Cute, simple. 

And I'm eager to complete the book already to take another step forward.  

October 16, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps: part 5, animals.

I've always had this issue with keeping the correct proportion if the object. I've realized it again while doing the swan. I have to learn more about it and to get better at it.

In this one I started to really pay attention to the effect of the color on the dimension of the illustration. I began to think on how this mixing works and where should I improve. I started analyzing the color in front of me to understand what pencils should I use myself. And it was a very interesting experience.

Finishing this section I concluded that at this point at my development drawing animals is not something I want to do. So this brings me back to the question: what the hell do I want to draw? I don't know yet, but I hope, time will show...

I mentioned in my last post that I started using a black pen for my outlining. To be specific, it is a Foray 0.7mm roller pen. Now I think I should start using a thinner, 0.5mm pen. Just a thought...

October 13, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 4, bugs.

The fourth part of the book is about bugs and well, bugs... And there's a caterpillar, which I don't particularly like... But it's an illustration, so I'll just have to deal with it...

It was an easy process. I added more of the black pen in the black areas - both outlines and spots - and filled with color.

This is the outcome.

The one thing I realized was that I'm not holding my pencil right. My working shoulder hurts and I believe that my intensive drawing is the reason. This is another thing I have to work on.

October 10, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 3, trees and leaves.

This third part of my sketches-from-the-book deals with trees and leaves.

I worked the same way I worked in the second part: sketch, outline, color. I did change one thing, though. Instead of outlining the sketch with a black pencil I decided to do it with a pen. It was a great opportunity for me to start working with it and since I wanted to do it anyway. For me it was a chance to take another baby step forward.

October 07, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 2, fruits and vegetables.

I decided to work on these sketches section by section, just like it's divided in the book itself. To make the work more methodical - and quicker - I decided that at first I would create a sketch of the item, then the outline and only then should I do the coloring.

So this would be the second part of my tries from this book - fruits and vegetables.

I have to admit - I love this experience!

October 04, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - part 1, flowers and mushrooms.

Drawing in 4 steps - a children art book that teaches kids how to draw.

As I decided that I'm in my baby steps in the field of drawing and creating in general, starting with children book will be the best. So my first step would be to understand what colors should I use.

And then I began mixing colors. I was using the method I learned a while ago and already used it here.

Did you like it? I know I did :)