April 14, 2012

How to draw a Lily - Method 2

Today we'll explore a second How to draw a lily tutorial.
This tutorial was taken from DragoArt.com, which I use a lot for my studies.

Following the method you first draw a circle. Then you mark a center of the flower from which is to become a base for your petals. You place your petals center lines coming out of this center. And then, as always, you draw your way around these basic lines.

This is "by the tut" tryout. Simple and basic with some hints of folds and shadows. It took me several minutes to complete.

These two and the first image above are from the online references.

I worked on these sketches for quite a while. These days the work is not going as fast as it did with Roses and Tulips. I've been working from 30 minutes to an hour - and sometimes more - on each and every lily you see here. Obviously, half of the time goes on shading the flower and I find the result pretty nice.

I guess that this method is pretty much like the first one only that you begin with a circle. Thinking of it, this circle might come very useful when you have several items in your composition. It allows you to place your items properly on the paper/canvas. And if you didn't place it correctly for the first time - you can always erase the circle and move somewhere else.

Anyway, same method or different, it was another great study for me.

What do you think? Did you find this tutorial useful?
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