December 31, 2014

Drawing is easy, lesson 8

Lesson 8 is about drawing the city using cubes.
It's a bit complicated and confusing but it's worth the try. 

December 28, 2014

Drawing is easy, lesson 7

This is Lesson 7 of Drawing is easy program. The lesson is about the ratio of the lines in the meeting point.

It actually partly answers my question from the previous post; how one can measure the meeting points and the guiding lines to create a proper perspective? It's a bit complicated so I won't explain it here. Actually I had to read this lesson several times to understand the method. Well, some extra challenge for the grey cells is always welcomed.

December 25, 2014

Drawing is easy, lesson 6

Lesson 6 is about placing 2 vanishing points on your Horizon line.

The lesson says that these two points should be placed far enough one from another. The question is - how far? How one measures the correct distance between the two? And thought I fully understood the idea I kept fighting with the correct direction of these lines.

This is the result that I'm really not happy about.

These are supposed to be some kind of a house terrace.

And these are supposed to be a bedroom drawn in wrong angles.

I gave up on those pretty quickly since I understood that to order succeed in this one I have to practice way beyond this post, so I'll just keep moving on.

P.S. This is definitely the best drawing program I've done so far.

December 14, 2014

Valentine's day is coming.

It's two weeks in December and I start putting my mind on the Valentine season. I will be adding some new items to my Valentine gallery both with my old and new images.

In the meanwhile here are some of my current Valentine gifts:

A canvas bag for Valentine shopping:

Romantic pink frame with red hearts canvas bags
Romantic pink frame with red hearts canvas bags by graphiking
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A romantic red Post Stamp:

A romantic Laptop sleeve:

A Valentine T-Shirt in various sizes and styles:

Stay tuned for updates, they are coming!

Happy Holidays!

December 13, 2014

Drawing is easy: Lesson 2 - the Eye level.

Lesson 2 is about the Eye level and it's impact on the drawing.

"Eye level is a level on which your eyes are/ As simple as that."

December 10, 2014

Drawing is easy - perspective in art: Lesson 1 - A horizon Line

Drawing is easy (russian) is another art program I decided to take recently. It mostly deals with drawing rather than sketching, and to be precise, a perspective of drawing.

Since I've been dealing with perspective a bit in the past some of the explanations - which are, by the way, amazing - are familiar to me. So I decided to read and copy those given sketches and share them here. Since it's in Russian, I will give a short explanation with the subject of each lesson, obviously, linking to the original site.

The program is divided in 20 lessons and sub-lessons. Each sub lesson deals with a theme and presents a short but really proper explanation about the subject.
My sole goal here is to draw and to read information, not to practice analysis of the subject.

Note, that not all lessons are presented here.

Lesson 1 - a Horizon Line (aka Eye Level) and a Vanishing point.

December 09, 2014

It's a Holiday season: Zazzle shop update #5!

Added some new products to my Graphiking shop, some of the items are really cool :)

An iPad Mini case:

A frosted glass mug

Personally, these are my favorite mugs from the entire collection of Zazzle's mugs.

One of the avaliable envelops:

A sticker for your gift:
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December 07, 2014

Anyone can draw - conclusions.

This is it. I finished another art program. My feelings about it are really mixed. I don't know what I expected from it, I mean, come on, it's 5 lessons! No one can learn to draw in 5 lessons! One can improve but not learn. But maybe if I did these exercise on a daily basis for a period of time- the improvement would be obvious. But somehow - I just didn't feel the need to do them all the time.

But I did learn about Durer's net, which was nice.
And I loved the outcome of the baby portrait. Also, there is a a little improvement on the hand and landscape drawing. So I guess, it was not for nothing.

Off to the next one.

December 06, 2014

It's a holiday season: Zazzle shop update #4

Hi hi, 

These are some new products available from today in Graphiking gift shop:

iPhone cases with Snowman:

A Tote bag:
Cute dressed up snowman canvas bag
Cute dressed up snowman canvas bag by graphiking
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A cute gift box:

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December 04, 2014

Anyone can draw, final lesson - a hand and a landscape.

This is it. The last exercise. A hand and a view.

The point of it is to compare the first time sketch with the one several lessons later. Do you see the difference?

I do, actually. A small one, but still...

Regarding the buildings, I must admit that I worked in a more methodical way. I was more patient. And although I again got a headache from all the sun we have now,I still thing that the bottom sketch looks better than the upper one.

As to the hand - well, it does look better, but I still have a very long way to go.

I guess that this program isn't there for nothing.

December 01, 2014

Changing a posting method.

This year was an intense one. There were many things I've learned during this year - I learned to prioritize, to squeeze things in and to simplify my life.

I started to change my routines and habits again to simplify my life and these changes couldn't in any way pass this blog. In mid August, after having my mid year resolution review I've realize that my blogging routines have changed a bit.
  1. I write and draw on a daily basis. I finally made it a habit I can't be without. And even if sometimes I don't write, the reader won't notice since I always have several posts written ahead and dated to be published in advance. 
  2. I started keeping all my almost-finished posts in the Published section of my blog, since my Draft section became so overloaded. While Published could be the only place to keep my half finished texts, my question was "How do I see the difference between the finished and the almost-finished posts?" The answer was simple: Tags. I started putting tags only on the finished posts and that made a huge difference. I could finally see what should I be working on. It actually saved me a lot of time since I don't have to browse my Draft list anymore. All I keep there at this point is ideas for posts. 
  3. These days I finally got into routine of posting every 3 days. The reason for this is simple: I choose a work frame to work with - be it a book, or a weekly program, or anything else that helps me be methodical in my process. Otherwise I get lost and start procrastinating. And that is not something I want or need. 
  4. At the beginning of the year my tight posting schedule put me in a weird position of rescheduling from time to time. I would schedule a post and then, when something urgent would come around that I would have to, absolutely must publish, I would start re-editing and rescheduling the already finished posts. Which usually was very confusing and time consuming. Somewhere around the end of the summer I realized that I was really wasting my time doing that and I could simply squeeze the additional post in between the already scheduled ones. I mean why not? After all, there are routine posts and there are special ones. These are the ones I never know would appear and I cold never count on them to be my routine ones. Like those for flashmobs or IF sketches. So until they too become a routine - that's the arrangements that work for me.
Just wanted to share. Hope you find some of those useful.

November 29, 2014

Anyone can draw, lesson 6 - a still life with Durer's drawing grid.

In this lesson the task is to create and use Durer's grid frame.

First of all - this is the grid frame I made.

One of the problem with it was that I made it too big and I have nothing to put it on. But since I'm almost sure that I won't be using it in the future, I don't really care.

In my sketch I used a computer mouse, a chess piece and a pencil extender. It was mentioned in the lesson that while using the net one should keep one eye closed at all times.

This is the result:

As you can see, the sketch is far from being finished. The reason is that I found this method is so much uncomfortable that I couldn't even bare to think of finishing it. And my eye still hurts!

I'll think of this lesson as finished, although I know it's not...

November 28, 2014

November 27, 2014

It's a holiday season : Zazzle shop update # 2

Added some more items to my Graphiking gift shop - these are you last chances to shop before the Holiday rush!

Cute Santa hat with Christmas decorations:

And a matching Christmas Stockings to decorate your room:
Colorful New year decorations on a Small Christmas Stocking
Colorful New year decorations on a Small Christmas Stocking by graphiking
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Here you can see an update # 1.

Enjoy your shopping and have a great holiday season.

November 26, 2014

Aoyone can draw, lesson 5 - working with tones, from color to monochrome.

The task here was to draw an upside down view with trees, without recognize a form but using only stains. I began it, but got bored really quickly so I moved on. This is as far as I made it.

November 24, 2014

It's a holiday season : Zazzle shop update # 1

Remember my 15 before 2015 task list? One of the items was to create some new items for my Graphiking Zazzle shop.

Well, that's what I've been doing lately.
I didn't add any new images but I did add some new items for the upcoming holiday.

Here are some of them;

A cute pencil holder;
Merry Christmas with Colorful New year decorations Pencil Holder
Merry Christmas with Colorful New year decorations Pencil Holder by graphiking
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A cute plate

with a matching mug

Happy new year!!! coffee mugs
Happy new year!!! coffee mugs by graphiking
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And a bag to be filled with presents :)

More items can be seen here :)

Enjoy your holiday shopping.