Greeting cards

On this page you will find various greeting cards for Jewish holidays that I create since 2012. While preparing these cards for the page I've realized this would be a great showcase of style development.
One of the goals here is to change a style every year.


Greeting cards 2011

This is the very first card I created for Daynix computing LTD.

Greeting cards 2012

2012 was a year of free creativity. Everything was an experiment and an experience. I tried and I played. I always sketched before doing an illustration itself, but it was never a final image on the page. This made the process a little (and at times, a lot) longer than what it could have/should have been. And I usually didn't know what the final result would look like.

New year and Purim

Pessah and Independence day

Rosh haShana and Sukkot


Greeting cards 2013

This year I decided to create some visual connection between all these card. I wanted to keep the simple and elegant and not at all decorative.
Also I made several rules to keep my work easier and faster:
  1. Decide on a general look and make a complete sketch of the card. 
  2. Finish the card at least one week before the holiday itself.
And here they are:

New year and Tu biShvat.

Purim and Pessah
Independence day and Shavuot.