May 23, 2010

Working on a theme

So how do you find a theme to work on?

There are few kinds of artist. There are those who work from a theme to character and those who work other way around.
When you are a beginning artists, sometimes it is difficult to come up for a theme to work on.

From time to time I turn to sites like Zazzle , Illustrationfriday and ShutterStock - these can be very helpfull when it comes to finding a theme. They can always give you an idea of what you might be working on tomorrow.

"Illustration Friday" brings up a new subject every week. Zazzle works according to international holidays/events which helps it's sellers to customize their objects.

But occasionally happens that while working on a given subject you come across objects that you just don't know how to draw. For example one of the recent tips Zazzle gave to its sellers was a that it's a graduation period. So, obviously, a graduation hat and a scroll come to mind when you think of graduates. And this is what you draw. And if you don’t know how to - you obviously look for a reference images. And you draw. You draw and draw for as long as it needed to get to the point when you've mastered this form and you can illustrate it without an effort.

These are my attempts to sketch these attributes.

Some of them are better, some of them are worse.
The importanmt thinkis that from now on I can sketch it whenever anyone asks me...

Have a great day.