October 16, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps: part 5, animals.

I've always had this issue with keeping the correct proportion if the object. I've realized it again while doing the swan. I have to learn more about it and to get better at it.

In this one I started to really pay attention to the effect of the color on the dimension of the illustration. I began to think on how this mixing works and where should I improve. I started analyzing the color in front of me to understand what pencils should I use myself. And it was a very interesting experience.

Finishing this section I concluded that at this point at my development drawing animals is not something I want to do. So this brings me back to the question: what the hell do I want to draw? I don't know yet, but I hope, time will show...

I mentioned in my last post that I started using a black pen for my outlining. To be specific, it is a Foray 0.7mm roller pen. Now I think I should start using a thinner, 0.5mm pen. Just a thought...

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