December 19, 2011

Hannuka items

As you well know, Hanukkah is not just about dreidel and lights, it’s about yummy food and giving presents. All kids expect some cash from their grand parents and for some yummy latkes and donuts. It’s about celebration miracles and joys.

From the illustrators point of view there are lots and lots of items to refer to and combine one with another.
And since it's impossible to ignore the fact that Hanukkah is so close to Christmas and New year celebrations, it would be too arrogant - i think - to separate the two and not to create some combination, at least via illustrations.

So there are mittens with dreidels, and money with candles, and donuts on snow.

Here are some of my sketches on these themes.

Have a great holiday season!!!

P.S. The higher resolution of the image above can be found in my ShutterStock gallery.