December 02, 2011

New Year candle with a scarf

It Is really cold outside now so there's no better time to start working on some winter illustrations.

A few days ago I took my New Year keyword plastic bag and pulled some notes out of it.
I got Candle and Earmuffs.
And immideately this punk was created.

I thought it was too agressive for New year illustration and drew anther one. I looked at it and realised that there was something missing. So I added a pair of mittens beside it.

And then I thought again and realised that if I have a candle with a pair of mittens, why not create a candle with a scarf? So this sketch was made.

Naturally - at least in this case- I've decided to create a whole series of candles with differentely tied scarfs. For a reference I used this cool 25 ways to wear a scarf video, so thanks, Wendy :)

It was a very fun exercise wich gave me a whole lot of ideas for illustration, I mean we do wear lots of different clothes during the year, so why not use it?

You can see this illustration in use in my Zazzle store and my ShutterStock gallery .

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a great holiday season,