May 09, 2014

Drawspace lesson Y02: Drawing a blue puppy.

Lesson Y02 suggests a drawing of a blue puppy. The drawing itself was easy and cute, but my biggest struggle here was to keep the fur look like a fur. I felt that as much as I tried to keep my pencils sharped and my strokes short it just didn't work well. It seemed that the paper (180gr, grained) and the pencils (Bruynzeel, 12) I was using were too soft for this kind of sketch.
And I do love how the eyes came out.

So I gave it another try. Same pencils, lighter (probably 120gr) and smoother paper.
Very quickly I realized that I won't be getting the desired effect so I hardly bothered to finish my sketch.

So my conclusion is that my Bruynzeel pencils are way too soft for this kind of drawing. They are great, but not for drawing fur.