May 18, 2014

Drawspace lesson Y12: Drawing a Rose Pointillism style!

Pointillism is a painting style developed in late 19th century with George Serat and Paul Signac being its most famous representatives. The idea was to create an object using tiny dots/points of paint. It was laid on a canvas in such a way that  it would create an illusion of blended color while it really wasn't.

I studied about pointillism but I was never really into it. I do admire the hard work that was invested by the artists practicing the style. I also understand some of the reasons for this style being developed, but I was never truly drawn towards it.

So it would be my first experience with Pointillism here.

And while drawing I got lost pretty quickly. So I stopped right there. No pointillism for me. At least not at this point.

P.S. Looking at it one can hardly say it's a Rose... or any other flower....

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