September 10, 2014

How to draw a triangle in perspective

Funny thing - I didn't find any proper explanation on the subject so I tried to figure it out in my own. One thing that is mutual to drawing geometric figures in perspective is to find it's center point. So with that in mind I began my sketching.

After several tries I've realized that anything to do with 1PP triangle is very simple. You just draw it. Any kind you wish. As simple as that. Just change your Vanishing point (aka a triangle top corner).

It gets more complicated when it's a 2PP. And here, apparently, it's the best to draw a rectangle and then work from there.

You draw a rectangle, find its middle and draw a line to its upper side edge. And then you connect the three points, as shown.

It's not too complicated but I'm surprised that there is no tutorial on the subject. Should I write one?

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