September 26, 2014

Illustrators calendar

A while ago I read at MiuMau about the concept of Illustrator's calendar. All of us have some kind a calendar, be it a digital or an analogue. We put there important dates, meetings, birthdays and holidays. So what she suggested is to create an illustrator's/artist's/crafter's diary. The idea is to create a calendar where one can put reminder prior to important events, such as holidays, family events and such. What for? So he/she could start preparing for the event prior to the event itself. Like if you are a stock seller, you should remember that it is always best to start creating New Years's  images several months before the holiday itself. Or if you have an online shop maybe you should announce about your discounts a bit earlier than you usually do. Or if you have a relative's birthday coming up maybe it's better to buy and wrap the gift at least 1 day in advance.

I actually always had list of these holidays but it never worked for me for some reason. But this year I decided to give it another try. I bought myself this calendar, something very simple and pretty uninspiring. I will be using lots of color in this one - maybe green for the beginning of the project, red for the red-light date and blue for the last deadline. I'll have to think of something for the event's date itself. Maybe pink? Although I hate pink and I doubt want to use black. Maybe a Yellow marker? We'll see. The important thing is simply to start using it...

This is the journal I bought.

It's pretty small, like a size of my palm but since I'm not going to write poems in it - that's ok.

I plan to hang it on the wall so I could see the whole week and not just one day.

My only doubt was if I should have bough a plane monthly calendar and not a weekly journal.
Time will show how useful will it be. 

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