December 10, 2014

Drawing is easy - perspective in art: Lesson 1 - A horizon Line

Drawing is easy (russian) is another art program I decided to take recently. It mostly deals with drawing rather than sketching, and to be precise, a perspective of drawing.

Since I've been dealing with perspective a bit in the past some of the explanations - which are, by the way, amazing - are familiar to me. So I decided to read and copy those given sketches and share them here. Since it's in Russian, I will give a short explanation with the subject of each lesson, obviously, linking to the original site.

The program is divided in 20 lessons and sub-lessons. Each sub lesson deals with a theme and presents a short but really proper explanation about the subject.
My sole goal here is to draw and to read information, not to practice analysis of the subject.

Note, that not all lessons are presented here.

Lesson 1 - a Horizon Line (aka Eye Level) and a Vanishing point.

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