December 01, 2014

Changing a posting method.

This year was an intense one. There were many things I've learned during this year - I learned to prioritize, to squeeze things in and to simplify my life.

I started to change my routines and habits again to simplify my life and these changes couldn't in any way pass this blog. In mid August, after having my mid year resolution review I've realize that my blogging routines have changed a bit.
  1. I write and draw on a daily basis. I finally made it a habit I can't be without. And even if sometimes I don't write, the reader won't notice since I always have several posts written ahead and dated to be published in advance. 
  2. I started keeping all my almost-finished posts in the Published section of my blog, since my Draft section became so overloaded. While Published could be the only place to keep my half finished texts, my question was "How do I see the difference between the finished and the almost-finished posts?" The answer was simple: Tags. I started putting tags only on the finished posts and that made a huge difference. I could finally see what should I be working on. It actually saved me a lot of time since I don't have to browse my Draft list anymore. All I keep there at this point is ideas for posts. 
  3. These days I finally got into routine of posting every 3 days. The reason for this is simple: I choose a work frame to work with - be it a book, or a weekly program, or anything else that helps me be methodical in my process. Otherwise I get lost and start procrastinating. And that is not something I want or need. 
  4. At the beginning of the year my tight posting schedule put me in a weird position of rescheduling from time to time. I would schedule a post and then, when something urgent would come around that I would have to, absolutely must publish, I would start re-editing and rescheduling the already finished posts. Which usually was very confusing and time consuming. Somewhere around the end of the summer I realized that I was really wasting my time doing that and I could simply squeeze the additional post in between the already scheduled ones. I mean why not? After all, there are routine posts and there are special ones. These are the ones I never know would appear and I cold never count on them to be my routine ones. Like those for flashmobs or IF sketches. So until they too become a routine - that's the arrangements that work for me.
Just wanted to share. Hope you find some of those useful.

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