November 28, 2011

Candle sticks and holidays: Everyday candle stick

It's a holiday season and one of the Holiday's attributes is a Candle with its stick. So today I will sketch a simple candlestick and its candle.
The thing I love the most about the usage of candles is that if you don't have a fancy candle stick you can use it with almost any object: you can put it in a glass, a coaster; a vase filled with water and flowers or just wrap it with an aluminium foil. You can decorate a wreath with it or a tree, put it on a table and a border of your bath - no rules there, actually.
I googgled "candle stick" and drew my way through the pages. Although most of them were classical ones but they all were different. So first I'd like to thank all those who created these images; you all supply a great learning material for those like me who are willing to learn indoors.

One of the things I've learned is that when drawing a candlestick you should always create a center line and mark the different levels/parts of it; it will make your life much easier. Remember to always start with light lines; you will create a thick outline when you're done.

So here are my sketches: I worked with simple geometrical candles, some of them were deformed and half burned.
One thing I did learn this time: There is never enough sheet for a candle itself :)
Hope you found this post useful.
Have a great holiday season.

Yours truly,