July 03, 2012

Drawing and writing - To scedule or not to scedule?

I first started this blog in 2009.

The original idea was to develop my drawing skills and keep some kind of a diary to keep myself motivated. I needed a place to share my sketches and illustrations, the work in progress and finished projects.

My first post was published on January the 31st, 2009. And it was all about Discipline (hmmmm....)
And that was the only post on that month. Well, there are no more than 31 days in January, so...

After that I've published 6 posts in February and 1 in March.
In total I've published 16 posts in 2010 and 22 in 2011.

When 2011 was at its end I began - as many of you - to get ready for 2012. I've realized that if I really wanted to become a better illustrator I needed a routine. A proper schedule that I would work towards. Something like a weekly deadline. I wanted to post my results at least once a week - so I started to schedule my posts. To make it even harsher, I made a new commitment recently - to draw for at least an hour every single day (and check it in my daily planner)! At least 4 times a day. Of course, not only for the purpose of this blog but for other purposes as well. 

As you know my main drawing theme this year is a flower. 12 flowers until the end of the year. So there are at least 4 drawing methods for each flower. There are an opening and a concluding post. And from time to time some posts in between - like this one. 

Its July now and up til now I've published more than 50 posts.
It gets easier to draw from day to day.

I can say that I'm pretty proud of myself - I keep my promises.

I wish you a great day and a fun summer holiday.

Best regards,