July 20, 2012

How to draw a Water Lily - Method 3

Ha all,

It's time to method 3 of How to draw a Water lily.

This tutorial is taken from DrawingNow and based on a Crescent and an Oval.
A big part of this tutorial is dedicated to shading, wonderfully suitable for color shading.

So I did the sketch but ignored the shading and this is the result:

Too simple, too plane, but I did try to compensate it with other sketches that you can see below.

These were based on the web reference, as always. It took me really long to make each sketch; I really worked hard on that shading.
I tried to deal with sketching water again; nothing much came out of it, just plain dark spaces... But I guess it's a beginning...

This tut was very fun for me because I like the way DrawingNow tuts are built. They are on the edge of being a video tutorial, but somehow it's not really it, so it makes it bearable.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have.

Be it a great week for you,