July 31, 2012

Water Lily: Links and conclusions

Hi all!

It's the end of the month and, as usual, it's time for a conclusive post.

These are the tutorials I used during this month:
1. Method 1 - taken from DrawingFactory, simple, with a little bit of shading.
2. Method 2 - taken from DragonArt.
3. Method 3 - Taken from DrawingNow, almost a video tutorial, but not.
4. Method 4 - taken from FinalProdigy. A very nice tutorial, but I must say that you guys have almost missed since at some point Final Prodigy wasn't available for its clients and I was so close not to publish this method. Thank god I published the tut several days after it was scheduled.

I didn't use this one - Water Lily tutorial that I found on YouTube. It's really nice and really really simple... I guess I could have used it as a first one... I loved the background song, though...

Throughout this month one though kept me really busy: is there really a difference between a Water Lily and a Lotus. Some articles said it's the same. Some - they are different. And even Wikipedia clearly said that these are from two different families I was still confused.
But then I found this article, Is Lotus different from Water Lily, explains it all very, very clearly.
I love it when I find answers to my questions, don't you?

Have a great day.