May 10, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson CO3 - How to draw a Koala.

Hi all,

Welcome to Lesson C03 of a Drawspace art program. This lesson we're drawing a Koala.
I read and I start.

The process itself was easy - a several circles and some furry stroking.

There was no challenge so I to make one I searched the web a bit and found the image of this cute Koala from the San Diego Zoo blog.

And while drawing Koalas I felt a strong need to draw a Cheburashka, one of the cutiest charachters of my (and many others) childhood. This is my reference and this is the sketch.

I had a great time doing these sketches. For some reason it felt too easy to do. Well, maybe, because it was easy. Or maybe I'm getting better at this thing called drawing.
I wish to hope it is the second option.

I wish you a great day,