May 23, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson CO6 - how to draw a Manga character (Bitty)


and welcome to Lesson C06 of the Drawspace art program.

This lesson suggests us to draw a Manga character.
I find the Manga style fascinating but I'm not a big fan of its cartoons. I find it difficult to deal with its lack of motion. In Manga - it's all about the faces.
But if I separate the drawing from the cartoons - it's absolutely gorgeous. So here's a chance for me to do my very first Manga character!

As I was reading the lesson I felt like I was going back to a High school Geometry class: Draw a square with a ruler. Draw a line from point A to point B. Draw a Line from point C to point D.
Can it be that Manga is so schematic? I kept on reading... and yes! It is that schematic.

I did the first scheme.

And then I added some details:

And only after that I erased the helping lines and highlighted the sketch itself.

The funny thing is that my first sketch was so lightly done that it took me sometime to edit it in Photoshop. And since I obviously did one step atop the other, this was my only option.

There was no additional challenge in this lesson so I just browsed the web and found this image to copy from. I used the same method, of course - a square, several supporting lines etc.

I used the lesson as a reference without actually trying to remember the steps in the first place.
There is an obvious problem with the eyes. And I did no shading.

This lesson wasn't difficult, but it was interesting. This is the first time that I did some Manga style drawing and, I believe, it's not going to be the last one.

See you soon,