May 27, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson CO7 - how to draw a Manga character (Kira)

Hi hi, how are you?

This is a C07 Lesson of a Drawspace art program and it's a Manga character again.

This character has some longer features and its face doesn't fit in a perfect square. Although, it's still very schematic and "point A to point B" like.
But let's begin.

This is the pre-erasing draft; you can see that all the helping lines are still there.

And this is the final image.

Frankly, my Kira looks more like a serious boy than a gentle girl, and that is because I made her chin a bit longer and narrower than in the original drawing. Bit still, I think that the outcome is ok. 

I keep on learning.  
This is the challenge I chose for myself:

Tip of the day: When drawing long lines like in these images, keep your elbow in the air. It will create the movement freedom to your arm to make a long smooth line.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

Have a great day,