November 06, 2013

Drawspace lesson I08: How to draw a a turtle


Today is a Turtle day (well, not really)!!! Lesson I08 is a Read and Draw a Turtle lesson! It is also a draw-by-squares lesson but I don't want to do that. Challenging myself, you know.

So this is my "by the lesson" sketch.
In all, I do like the outcome this time. Although I don't feel comfortable with the turtle's paws, but that's how it was on the lesson's reference.

After finishing the sketch, I started looking for the challenge reference image. I must tell you, it was not an easy task since all the turtles are absolutely adorable!

This is a first reference. You can see that the perspective is similar to the lessons' original, but it didn't make the drawing easier.
In fact, it was a hard one. I don't know really know why, because the shape seems to be pretty simple. I guess it wasn't. I intentionally left all the helping lines visible and left it with no shading. I just let it be.

This is another reference. I loved the captured moment, and now, after finishing the sketch and writing these lines it still makes me smile.
The Waving Turtle looks SO unfinished, but I guess at this point that's the best shading I can do. I loved every minute I worked on it - it made me think, consider and reconsider, erase and add, change pencils and trying to figure out where should or shouldn't I use the 8B pencil. The "chicken" me tried to add some more shading but there was no big success.

That's it for now.

Have a great day,

P.S. The really nice thing about this lesson is that it gives some general knowledge about turtles. The one appearing in this lesson is called a Box Turtle and it can hide inside its shell.

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