November 15, 2013

Drawspace lesson I12: how to draw a sheep

Hi hi,

There's no lesson I11 so jumping on to I12. Jumping on to drawing a Sheep. Cute little sheep called Dolly, Yes, the famous one :)

And, for the first time in long long time - there's a challenge. We're supposed to draw a reversed version of the sheep. This is it.
It was far more difficult task, maybe because I'm a righty, and used to draw from left to right. But I managed and it was fun. And they don't look alike at all!!!

I'll keep on practicing,

P.S. Remember Boundin'? A cool cartoon by Pixar of a Dancing sheep and a Rabbit? If you haven't watched it yet, you really should, it's so cool! I love it!
P.S.S. You may also want to check the art of Menashe Kadishman, an Israeli artist. Sheep portraits is his trademark art.

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