November 13, 2013

Drawspace lesson I10: How to draw Jack Russell terrier

Hi all!

Moving on to Lesson I10. Drawing Jack Russell this time. For some reason I feel that I already did this sketch, I just don't remember when. And I'm not talking about the nose sketch I did here. I'm talking about the face in a whole. But on the other and, who cares, drawing practice is a drawing practice and practicing drawing is what I should do.

So this is my sketch of Jack Russell.

In the middle of it I've decided that it was too messy, so I did a second one.

After finishing the second try and seeing that it is not much better than the first, I decided to go to the original (it was really a photo reference, not a real dog). And I'm so glad I did that!
To me, this one looks so much more real than the other two! I did the sketch with a weird sense of relation to this dog. I have no idea why but while drawing it, I felt that got to know this dog in a way. Weird, isn't it? Maybe that's exactly the reason why it looks better that the first two... I don't know. I think that the nose is now that good but I just love the eyes, although they are too large and human :).

Anyway, have a great day,

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