April 01, 2014

Developing creativity: Doodling with Illustration Class .

In my search for Creativity development exercises I came upon a site called Illustration Class. One of the things it suggests are free Creativity Development Exercises for download. I went through some of them and found them really nice. So from now on I will be using some of the suggested there for my practice.

The first lesson I chose is called "What do you see". The idea is to fill a paper with scribbles and then use the empty/negative space to create images. They actually created a scribbled sheet for you but obviously, you can (and I think, you should) make one of your own.

The first thing I saw on that paper was a balloon. And then another one. After a while all I could see were balloons made of loops. So I decided to fill them with some color first. I took a time frame of 15 minutes and started working.

After eliminating all the possible loops I took another paper and began the exercise itself.
To make it easier I first decided to outline the form I would be working on. This is the result.

And then I took another 15 minutes and made my own scribbles page.

I had so much fun doing that!!! I really enjoyed this exercise. It is really challenging and good in so many aspects:

  • It took me away from the co-called perfect sketching I'm used to. 
  • It makes me work with irregular form and be creative as to squeeze the imaginary item into the given form. 
  • It challenges me to see something that might or might now be there.

It was so cool, I loved it!