April 19, 2014

Drawspace lesson S02:How to draw a Blue Wooly toy.

Lesson S02 continues with the color drawing. This time it's a blue Wooly toy. It has lots of fur and big blue eyes.

I'm doing this sketch using the 125gr paper and my newly purchased colored pencils. And although I said that I said goodbye to my old and simple colored pencils I realized that I can use them to create basic outlines for my drawings. They are erasable and so hard they are barely seen on the paper.

So first thing first - this is the outline.

This is very light and it's ok that you can hardly see it.

I continued to follow the instruction and this is the final result.

I gave the fur several layers of dark and bright blue. It was really fun and I loved working on it.

After giving it another look I decided to add some red highlights to Wooly's fur.

It looks fuller to me when there's some red in it.

The challenge of this lesson is to draw another toy like this and since I actually have one, although not as furry, I decided to give it a try. That's the toy. 

For starters I created a sketch with my colored pencils. It's hardly visible on my sketches so I darkened it a bit.

After that I filled it in with color.

The original is a bit fluffier than the sketch, bit that's ok with me. Do you like it?

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