April 10, 2014

The imperfect sketch: how to deal with the fear of not making it perfect?

No, really, how do you let go the perfection?

When I just starting with everything that has to do with art, I worked with a wonderful artist that makes everything look perfect. So I learned from him. And after that I began my studies in an Art college. The teacher I had there tried her best to make me let go if these "it must be perfect" methods to let my creativity grow (oh, by, If only I was that smart then!) I was a hard one to break so I think she gave up on me at some point. 

So these days, getting back to drawing and, hopefully, painting really soon, I have to deal with my "be perfect" demons. But how do you really do that? How do you make yourself to like this unfinished and imperfect sketch you make? How do you make yourself  let go of that character that is not really a character? I don't know. I guess you just doodle and doodle. I guess it's just like with brain storming technique: at first you don't look for good ideas, but for ideas in general.