August 10, 2014

Drawing on the right side of the brain: Drawing Palm lines and others.

I'm in my 6th chapter of the book and this part talks about importance of a contour drawing, something I really love to do. Just to draw the outline, no specific details.

There are several exercises in this part and the first one is to draw lines of one's palm. Without looking at the paper.

It took me 4 minutes on the clock.

Obviously, it doesn't seem like a palm at all. I wasn't thinking about the palm but about those lines constructing it. At some point I started looking for deeper lines of my palm and those that are less visible. It was a nice experience, thinking not of the whole but of it's component.

The second one was to draw an outline of a creased paper outlines. For some reason I set up the timer again, and by the time it went off I stop just to write these lines. And then went on drawing.

I worked for about half an hour and stopped when I totally lost myself in these lines. I have no idea what this thing looks like, definitely not like a paper. But on the other hand, who knows what it looks like? Every single piece of it looks differently. There is an idea of what it looks like, but no more than that.

And there is also a Hand in perspective.

I didn't do the task with the Viewfinder, as suggested, I just did a sketch of it.

I don't remember when was the last time I did a sketch of my hand; either while doing the Drawspace project or while my college studies. Either way - this one is by far the best one I ever did.

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