August 13, 2014

IF: Peace

A while ago IF suggested it's weekly subject: Peace. I loved it but for several reasons I couldn't submit the illustration on time. But I'll do it here.

As usual, I wrote my related keyword list. This time it included: dove, globe, heart, hands, rose, guns on the ground, demilitarization, flower, cannon - and then started thinking what could be done with it.

I actually loved the combination of the last two - Cannon and Flower - and this is what I came up with.

I started looking for some perspective references for flowers and cannons and I found this photograph, that on one hand fits my idea perfectly and on the other - it seems that I borrowed my idea from it. Weird...

Anyways, this is the finished illustration:

I tried as much as I could to create a believable perspective of the cannon; I know there's still some work to be done. But I like it in general.

Also there are many mistakes with the lighting thing, obviously, but that's not new to me.

And while giving this illustration another look, I can see that there is no shadow at all beneath the cannon. And that is not good. I'll have to keep those shades in mind for the next time.