August 16, 2014

Drawing on the right side of the brain: Negative and positive space.

Chapter 7 of the book touches the subject of the Negative/Positive space, something I wanted to explore for quite a while.

The first time I was introduced to the concept of positive/negative space was while doing the Drawspace art program. As you can see from my first experience here I understood near to nothing while doing this lesson.

First I did these two sketches of a soft toy plane.

Same plane, different perspective.

As you can see, I didn't erase any helping lines. Didn't see the need to. Also, I didn't do my measuring, that's why my lines got out of the marked drawing space.

Second came the Rubens study. Btw, this was the first time I ever copied from a master. And even though it was his study for an art piece, it still felt good.

I did get lost in lines several times but maybe it was good because I couldn't even guess whether was it a leg or an arm.

So while drawing the idea of the negative/positive space finally got clear to me. Ignore the subject and how you think it's supposed to look like. Draw what you see around this subject and keep it proportional.

At least now I understand the idea behind the Negative/Positive drawing. And that is goooood!!!