November 29, 2014

Anyone can draw, lesson 6 - a still life with Durer's drawing grid.

In this lesson the task is to create and use Durer's grid frame.

First of all - this is the grid frame I made.

One of the problem with it was that I made it too big and I have nothing to put it on. But since I'm almost sure that I won't be using it in the future, I don't really care.

In my sketch I used a computer mouse, a chess piece and a pencil extender. It was mentioned in the lesson that while using the net one should keep one eye closed at all times.

This is the result:

As you can see, the sketch is far from being finished. The reason is that I found this method is so much uncomfortable that I couldn't even bare to think of finishing it. And my eye still hurts!

I'll think of this lesson as finished, although I know it's not...