October 16, 2011

Copying art to master a subject

We all know that in order to learn and to develope skill one must copy others work/creations.
It doesn't really matter who do you copy from - it can be drawing from nature, from an art piece or a sculpture and it also can be from anothers render or illustration.

I've always had this will to be original and to develop my own thing. But on the way to originality I forgot that there's still some technique to be leart and style to be found. And that takes time and practice.
So today I've finally decided to let go of the "copying" guilt and start copying from others in order to learn. I realised that I've had it with online tutorials - and I must start analysing to become a better artist/illustrator.
So from now on I will try to display boths sketches and illustrations as a part ofmy training.

What do you think? Do you do that too?

Have a joyfull day!