October 22, 2011

Exploring the form - graduation Hat and Scroll

One of my drawing goals is to learn how to trace a form, even the simplest one, how to capture a basic line of an object. No shadows, no sub-lines - just a contour.

To do that I usually search for a desired object online or around me. If it is an online image, I usually look for several of them to explore how they look from different angles. If its something that is in the house, well, I just turn it around or turn around it.

One of the latest images I've been working with is a graduation Hat and Scroll. The idea came from Zazzle, where I and other sellers where reminded that its a graduation period and its time to preapare some graduation products. So my goal was to find an easy way to draw it. I wanted to draw as many as possible without making it beautiful but by making it simple and quick.

This is the result.

So to draw a Graduation Hat you need to