October 18, 2011

Setting and achieving goals: what have been done?

I've started this blog almost two years ago with a personal resolution to improve my drawing skills and to develop myself as an illustrator.
I said that this blog would be a  "self report of this development" .

In my other post I've committed to do at least 10 sketches per day .

Well, I've succeeded in some of my commitments:
I draw every day. I have know idea if I'm getting any better, but I draw.
And each time I do way more then 10 sketches at a time.
I develop my portfolio. I am slowly enlarging my stock gallery .

Bu I do not report my progress, and I should.
I do not look for other learning methods - and I should.
I do not do the 5,10,15 p/m sketch, which is bad.

I commit here once again to do these on a regular basis and report about it in this blog.

Wish me luck.