October 24, 2011

How to draw Pumpkin leaves

Since Halloween is near I set myself on drawing pumpkins as my daily sketching routine. Well, pumpkins I can draw, what I needed this time is to draw its leaves and flowers and then make an illustration of it.
To do so I used many many online references using both web and stock snapshots and illustrations.
There are several goals in these sketches actually: besides doing it well, I wish to sketch faster and lighter, but I guess, these only come with experience. So: patience.... I guess I'll have to develop this one too...
So these are the sketches and I hope soon the illustrations will come. Like I've already mentioned in previous ports, for now it’s all about the simple outline sketch, not a full drawing.

After a few days of sketching I think I figured out the structure of this leaf: Its a big trapeze connected with a small triangle. And sometimes, if the leaf is really big - it's 2 trapezes and a triangle. But as I was sketching I've noticed that this formula works only for the spread flattened leaf. When it’s rotated, or flipped or viewed from any other perspective, it is another structure. And I guess it will be unique to each leaf.

And yes, I have noticed that there were some grape leaves on the way :)

Have a great day :)