April 09, 2012

How to draw Lilies - Method 1

So with a little delay, let us begin.

This method was taken from EHow to draw lily flowers and presents to us a pretty simple way of drawing a Lily.
There are basically three steps to it:

  1. Since Lily has 6 petals you first draw a six pointed evenly divided asterisk to place your petals.
  2. After that you draw some narrow pointed petals around it.
  3. In the end add some long stamens coming from its center.
In order to create a closed Lily bulb, just draw a narrow oval and some long narrow leaves placed on a stem.

This is "by the book" result.

The first one is a front view, the second - from the side in a bouquet.
As you can see this sketch is just simple and schematic with zero details.

These are the attempts to draw from online references.
Here I've decided add some shading. As I promised before, I am going to learn how to apply shadows the "right" way, so it looks natural and not like plain pencil strokes. But here I just looked at the image in front of me and tried to copy it as carefully as I could.

These sketches are a bit more complicated that the above ones.

I thought that there was no reason for me to do one flower at a time and that I was brave enough to draw a stem with several lilies. And, of course, I've continued being brave and did some more shading on these. I think it is obvious from these sketches that I started to gain some confidence by applying bolder shadows. Even to me these Lilies look more realistic than the first ones I drew.

I must admit that I was surprised to see that drawing Lilies wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I really enjoyed working on these.
And now, with that in mind I will continue to the next method.

I hope you enjoyed this method as much as I did.
Do share your thought on it here.

Have a great day,