April 30, 2012

Lily links and conclusions

Hi all!!!

Its time to conclude April, the month of a Lily.

It was nice and I started to use shading big time. Although not always perfectly bot sometimes even satisfying.

These are the links I used this month:
1. Method One - taken from EHow.com, a very sourcefull site.
2. Method Two - taken from DragonArt.com which I use so much!
3. Method Three - taken from TLChowStuffWork.
4. Method Four - taken from an old Russian art book I have, pages scanned.

As always, there are some additional links I found but never used:


There are few things I've learned about a Lily:
1. There are six petals that make two layers: three inside and three outside.
2. There's a long strong stem and and long narrow leaves.
3. The shape of a flower varies with it's type, that's why I think I'll dedicate a whole month to working on a Tiger Lily separately, since it's differs so much from the classic White Lily.

I've noticed that I spent a huge amount of time erasing all the unnecessary lines I make on the way. Since I usually use simple HB2 pencils I end up with these thick lines that leave the sketch pretty messy. I just wish I could make the sketch cleaner form the start. Maybe it will come with experience who knows. Or maybe I won't have a choice but to work with proper H2-4.

Hope you found these tuts useful.

Have a great day,