April 22, 2012

How to draw a Lily - Method 4

Hi all!!

This is method number 4 of the How to draw a Lily series.
It is taken from an old Russian art book I have. I already used a method from this book while doing a How to draw a Rose series.

Since I couldn't find an online source I would allow myself to scan the book's pages so you could learn too. Here they are.

It says that a basic form of the lily is a cone.
Its leaves has a form of a triangles and they grow outside the lily forming another half a cone.

The only question is why does this Lily have 5 and not 6 petals as it should?

This is "by the book" sketch. For some reason I didn't sketch the other two lilies that are on the page. No idea why I didn't. Oh, well...

And these are the referenced sketches. Shadows and all.

I can't say that I'm really satisfied with these. Especially the one on the right bottom.
When I did the shading I felt like I was more coloring than shading.
And that felt bad!!!

This is why in a very, very near future I'll start - and I know I've already said that - learn how to shade properly.

I hope you enjoyed this method and found it useful.
Feel free to share your thought on the matter.

Have a great day,