April 03, 2012

Ho to draw a Flower in perspective.

Hello all!!!

It's springtime and everything is in bloom.

I've been drawing nonstop lately - although it doesn't show in the blog at all!!! - with and without the image reference. And since one of the main goals of this year is the act of drawing - development of some self-discipline plays a huge role here.

One of the things I've been dealing with here is Perspective. I was struggling with the way of finding a way to draw a partly closed and fully open flower. And then I realized that in fact it's really simple.

A half open flower will look like a bowl. A fully open - will usually look like an open umbrella. In both cases part of the petals will not be seen. This is the sketch. This is what I'm going to remember when drawing flowers.

I hope you found it helpful.

Have a great day,