August 01, 2012

August: Month of a Narcissus/ a Daffodil

Hello all!!!

It's August and I declare it a month of a Narcissus!!!
And what can be said about the Narcissus that hasn't been said already?

A well-known myth tells us of the Narcissus, a Greek hunter who fell in love with his own reflection. That love brought to his death by drowning and a beautiful flower grew on the river's shore.

A Narcissus, aka Daffodil, grows during winter and spring, both in a wild and in one's garden. Some of it is large with yellow petals and a darker yellow crown. Some of it is tiny white or yellow ones with yellow or white crowns. And it grows almost everywhere!!!

I don't know why I like narcissus. It's not really a flower I would pick for myself or a friend but I would definitely plant it in my garden, if I had one. There's something very fragile about a Narcissus, modest and almost submissive. And like a Narcusses the Greek hunter, it looks down ready to discover its own reflection.

Let's hope that my future sketches will reflect the references.

Good luck to us all!!!

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