October 03, 2012

How to draw a Pansy: Method 1

Hi all,

This first tut is taken from How to draw. It's pretty simple: you draw a circle, then add 5 petals and shade. This is it. 5 minutes on the clock.
The coolest thing about a pansy is that you don't have to draw your lines straight; they can definitely be a little bit curvy.

This is the result. (refs 1, 2, 3)

The one thing I've learned from this lesson is that when shading a big area you should shade simultaneously in several areas. I did this pansy on a A4 sheet so it was a pretty large area to shade. I divided the petals into several areas each so I don't loose a shading direction. and that made my life so much easier!!!

But it appears that drawing pansies with pencils is pretty boring, not like Roses or Callas. And as much as I like pansies - and I really do - it might be pretty difficult for me to draw them for a whole month. I'll have to think of something to deal with this task easily.