October 06, 2012

Rosh haShana greeting card

Hi hi and happy holidays!

Rosh haShana is a Jewish new year. It is about new beginnings, wishings for a sweet and fruitful year and a great mood.

When creating this one I obviously wanted to use warm, honey - like colors with images of food that are always on a traditional Rosh haShana tables.

I started playing with the food images trying to combine four major elements: honey, apples, dates and pomegranate (I didn't really see how fish head would work here, although it would be appropriate).  After finishing the main theme I started playing with the background.

I must say that lately I have this thing with frames and for some reason I didn't want to do a symmetrical one here. And you know what? I think this asymmetry work nicely here! I did the frame and since it still looked empty to me I started playing with the elements. I must say that the dashed line came completely by accident, but I'm glad it did. It might look like an old fashioned card, but I like it.

I hope you do to.

Happy holidays!!!