October 01, 2012

October: Month of a Pansy


It's October and it's time to move on to another flower!!! This time - a Pansy!!!

I see them mostly in winter and they tend to survive Israeli rain and heavy sun. And apparently, they are real survivors, since they can live in snow too. Which is nice, because any winter could use some color.

Pansy is a cultivated hybrid of several Violets and the difference is all in the petals. They both have 5 petals but in Pansy four grow up and one down and in Violet - three grow up and two down.

Pansy comes in many colors, single and double. They come in purple, yellow, white and black. According to Wikipedia, no flower comes as black as Pansy.

Mostly cultivated in Britain, by the year 1833 there were more than 400 types of pansies available.

Its name means "thought" and therefore in many cases it was chosen as a symbol of freethinking. It was mentioned in poetry and fine arts and apparently, it has no smell. How "nice" is that?

Have a great day,