October 08, 2012

Sukkot greeting card

Hi all and happy holidays!!

It's Sukkot time now. It is the one before the last of the Jewish holidays for this season. There will be nothing until Hannukah in December. Which gives me plenty of time to work on a new card. But in the meantime let me walk you through the process of creating this Sukkot card I made recently.

When I started my research for Sukkot card I immediately thought of a Palm tree. This is actually the first thing that comes in my mind when I think of Sukkot: these huge palm tree branches that cover the top of every Sukkah. I really wanted to include them in my card so the very first thing I did was to create a background with palm tree branches. A second later I added a light blue background to imitate the bright sky.

Then I added a frame and some traditional Sukkot elements - the Four Species. After completing these images and after adding a greeting I looked at my card and realized that it looked boring and empty. So I started to play with decorative elements again - and if you remember, one of the things people do with their newly built Sukkah is to decorate it. So it was only appropriate.

I knew that since there major theme of the card was already complicated and filled with details I should have added some simple element here. So I added a light gradient triangle on the left. I knew I wouldn't want for it to look like some kind of a mirror or add reflections - it would only make a mess. But after a while I saw that one triangle was not working so I added another one on the right. For me it was like creating an open doors effect.

After a while I added some gradient sticks to the corner of the card and it was finally completed.
I was happy.

Have a great Sukkot everyone!!!