February 06, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson B02

Hello all,

This is Lesson B02 of a Drawaspace art program. It shows you how to draw an object by breaking it into simple shapes. Also it slightly touches the subject of proportion in drawing, and I'm sure there's a full lesson somewhere in the program dedicated to the subject.

The drawing subject here is, again, a candle-duck. I followed the lesson and these are my results.

This is the pre-sketch - detecting the basic forms and placing them where they belong.

This one is the outline of the actual shape.

And this last one is with all the helping lines erased.

There was also a challenge - to do the same exercise with another object.

So I took a simple paper cup and drew it.

And then I took a simple mug and drew it too.

When I did this mug I realized that some helping lines will be in order and I added two short vertices lines in a round areas.

And then I've decided to go further and draw them together, one in front of the other.
Here I used some more helping lines to make the work simpler.

The hardest part here was to proportionally draw a laying paper cup. I sketched and erased, sketched and erased and then it hit me! I've realized that while fighting the sketch I was ignoring the very theme of this lesson: breaking the object into basic forms and draw them one over the other. So I drew two overlapping circles - big and small and then connected them with two side lines. To me - the paper cup looks perfect.

And today's Tip of the day would be: Always examine and analyze the shape you draw before actually drawing it.

Have a great day,