February 18, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson B03


This is Lesson B03 of a Drawspace art program and it is all about a symmetry. Or, to be more accurate, it's about symmetrical drawing.

The reading of this lesson was really nice and it looked like a really simple one. But while reading I found myself thinking if I could make it even simpler.

I found that if I want to do a really symmetrical artwork I should create some additional helping lines/dots between the curving lines. For the sake of the blog I made these dots almost visible...

So here are the sketches - these of the lesson itself.
4 symmetrical sketches

And here are some of my own.
two symmetrical sketches

I really enjoyed doing this session. It gives you an excuse to deal with some symmetry and it also helps to work on some abstract art. You can draw lines and forms within the half square and then play with it on the other half of it. It also might be a great way to brainstorm before the actual sketching while looking for an idea.

I could really do it the whole day but I should move on to the next lesson.

See you really soon,