February 02, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson B01

Hi hi!

After reading a little bit of theory and getting to know the art supplies I'm being brave enough to begin the section B of a Drawspace art program. This section comes with some actual drawing involved and it challenges you right from the first lesson.

Lesson B01 introduces the (completely unfamiliar to me) concept of Negative and Positive Spaces.   A Positive space is the space the actual Subject occupies and the Negative space is it's surrounding/background. It suggests that at times it is easier to outline the surrounding first that the object. My main question was, how can I outline the background? After my second read I've realized that I have to make the ViewFinder Frame and to just start drawing.

I did drew the duck from the lesson and it was interesting because

So these are my Viewfinder Frames, which I made from an empty cereal box.

and these are my duck candle sketches from the lesson.

There was also a challenge - to draw some simple forms using this technique.

Since these are simple but important exerciser I've decided to do small thumbnail sketches, half page size. I drew two frames on some sheets of paper and these were made.

Like I said, it took me two reads to understand what it means, and I think I understand even more at this very moment, while writing these lines, before even making some sketches.

But even now I don't really understand why is this technique important?


Have a great day,

P.S. Interesting fact: First lesson of a new section fell on the beginning of the second month of the year.