February 10, 2013

How to draw a laying paper cup (or any other laying object).

Hi all,

This post is actually my own How to draw a paper cup tutorial followed by a B02 Drawspace art program.
I was working on some mug drawings and realized that I had some difficulties while sketching a paper cup.
The B02 Lesson is focusing on Overlap sketching and for some reason, when drawing this paper cup, I overlooked this idea completely! But when I did use it - life became happy again. So here I'm going to share it with you, guys.

It is pretty easy to draw a standing object. I guess that the main reason for it is that the standing position is the natural one for most objects. But what happens when this position changes? Say, you put it on its side - what happens then? Yes, it becomes complicated. So what do you do? You use the Overlapping method.

drawing of a paper cup

First - you observe an object and break it into basic forms. In this one there are two circles - big and small, one overlapping the other. After that you connect them with 2 lines. And then you erase the unnecessary.

That's it.
2 minutes.

While writing these lines, I've realized two things. First - that I've been doing this all my life when drawing boxes. So how come everything else should be different? Second - That it was a simplified version of a Drawspace Lesson B02. 

And I know that there are plenty other tuts teaching the same stuff, but who cares? Sometimes it easier to create one of your own than go and look for other's people creations.
Isn't it?

Have a great day,